4 Road Trips Everyone Must Take

Pakistan, a country that is blessed with many scenic landscapes, is a great place for a road trip. Road Trips are not as stressful as most people think. It is a great opportunity that should be availed of by everyone, especially those living in Pakistan.

Pakistan is blessed with everything from a warm water beach in Gwadar to the 2nd highest peak in the world, K2. It is also full of beautiful rivers, valleys, plains, and deserts that are famous worldwide. Furthermore, Pakistan is culturally rich, with some of the most hospitable people found anywhere. Above all, we have the best roads, which make travelling and exploring Pakistan much easier.

In short, if you are a free-soul that always craves adventures, then a road trip in Pakistan is all you need to feed your cravings. So to provide you with an escape from your routine and feed your soul, body, and mind with adventure, here are some must-do road trips in Pakistan.

Road Trip Ideas in Pakistan:

Though Pakistan itself is a place worth visiting, with some of the most scenic places to make things more particular for your road trip, we have made a list of must do Road Trips in Pakistan.

  • Lahore to Nathia Gali
  • Karachi to Gwadar
  • Islamabad to Muzaffarabad
  • Islamabad to Swat

Lahore to Nathia Gali:

Lahore to Natya Gali

A Road Trip from Lahore to Nathia Gali is a sweet, short break from your routine. To reach Nathia Gali, you have to first travel to the Federal Capital via the M2 motorway. This six-lane motorway offers some of the greatest drives that you will ever experience. With a variety of rest stops along the way, you will reach your destination (Islamabad) in 5 hours.

From Islamabad you have two options to reach Nathia Gali – the Hazara Expressway or Murree Expressway, both packed with breathtaking, lush green trees. Looking like something out of a fairy tale, these routes have enough scenery to keep you awake and interested throughout your journey. The best time to plan a road trip to Nathia Gali is in the spring or monsoon season.

Karachi to Gwadar: 


Talking about the very south of Pakistan, the people of Karachi have the opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful highways, the N-10 or the Makran Coastal Highway, while on their way to Gwadar. It has some of the most beautiful scenes any highway in Pakistan has to offer.

While the road carved into the mountains is enough to mesmerize you, you will also be able to witness the beautiful Kund Malir Beach, unique rock formations, and active mud volcanoes. Continuing your journey, you will see the fishing towns of Ormara and Pasni, where you can stop for lunch and a much-deserved rest.

Though this sounds like just enough for a memorable trip, there is more that you will witness on your way to Gwadar. Along your journey, the next thing that might excite you is the beauty of the Agor Mountains and the beautiful blue water along the coast.

Though Gwadar is in its early development stages, you can still find some good hotels that you can stay the night in. Gwadar is packed with some of the most scenic beaches that you will always remember.

Islamabad to Muzaffarabad:

Islamabad to Muzaffarabad

Muzaffarabad—the capital of Kashmir, a piece of heaven on earth—is a must-travel place for everyone. The city is famous for the mesmerizing view of the Neelum River stretching through the city, and its breathtaking landscapes should be on the bucket lists of all travelers.

Travelling from Islamabad, take the Murree Expressway for a more convenient option. From the Murree Expressway, travel to Kohala Bridge and Kohala Road, which run alongside the stunning blue Neelum River. It will take you around 4 to 5 hours to reach Muzaffarabad. Once you reach Muzaffarabad, you will witness greenery everywhere, with the sound of the Neelum River following you everywhere.

Though Muzaffarabad is scenic itself, one of the most famous tourist points there, Pir Chinasi, is located at a height of 2900 meters on a hill peak. If you are looking for a place to stay for the night, there are many hotels, among which the PC Hotel is one of the most well-known.

Islamabad to Swat:


Swat, also famous as the Switzerland of Pakistan, is one of the most scenic places on this list. The road trip to Swat, KPK, is as beautiful as the destination. Starting from Islamabad, you can take the M1 motorway to Mardan and travel to Takht-i-Bahi, a historic Buddhist monastery and one of Pakistan’s six UNICEF World Heritage Sites.

To reach Saidu Sharif, the capital of Swat, you have to first travel through Dargai, Malakand Pass, and Chakdara, which will take around 5 hours in total. You can spend the night in the administrative capital of Swat or you can choose Mingora as your resting point.

Though the entire Swat Valley is breathtaking and scenic, you can’t consider your journey over before traveling to Kalam Valley. Only 99 kilometers away from Mingora, Kalam Valley is surrounded by beautiful glacier lakes, tall alpine forests, and stunning waterfalls.

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